Construction & Management

MZM Construction & Management (MZM) customizes its services to the needs of our clients. As a total service provider, we carry out the construction phase of the project and provide the technical and professional services dedicated to supporting the Project Owner in the construction process. Our services include:


  • Providing technical, professional, and managerial resources to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Developing, managing and maintaining configuration management requirements for projects during the design and construction phases.
  • Providing customized records management protocols that offer a broad range of management, technical, and administrative support services.
  • Establishing document control procedures.
  • Offering services for competitive project pricing.
  • Providing comprehensive services on and off-site as needed.
  • Providing training and support staff with the knowledge to handle and utilize new technology and high density control systems.
  • Performing final document review and close-out of documentation for transfer of project records.


MZM has the ability to continue to support our clients as they grow and their needs expand geographically. In fact, we are able to help facilitate the growth process for our clients by enabling them to become more efficient in their construction operations.

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