MZM services include:


  • Construction Management
  • New Construction & Renovations
  • Army Corp Beach Replenishment
  • Construction Safety Protection
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Engineering
  • Contractor Training programs


MZM Construction & Management (MZM) customizes its services to the needs of our clients. MZM has the ability to continue to support our clients as they grow and their needs expand geographically.



Why MZM?


Why should you consider MZM when choosing from among the many construction management companies that are available to you? We are committed to the following values in all of our business relationships. See whether any of these resonate with you.




We have been successful in business for over 27 years because we have consistently shown our clients that we keep our word and make sure their projects are completed as promised. MZM has a track record of finishing projects on schedule and on budget since we started.


Commitment to be the best


Understanding that people are our most valuable asset, we pride ourselves on our ability to hire and retain the best people. We look for those who not only have the requisite technical skills, but who have high internal standards for quality that are consistent with our expectations.




Our corporate standards of excellence extend to all aspects of our participation in each project. This includes administration, on-site work, payments and all of the necessary follow-up required to ensure that jobs are completed to our clients’ satisfaction.


Problem Solving


Planning is critical to successful project management, but the ability to adapt to the unexpected is equally as important. We have developed an expertise in problem solving because of our involvement in many projects. Whether it’s severe weather, unanticipated site conditions, shifting deadlines or uncharted territory, we know how to keep projects on track.


Forward Thinking


Our foundation of experience enables us to provide our clients with a valuable perspective on the issues they are facing. Often we are able to see opportunities for growth and solutions to challenges for our clients that are not obvious to them.

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